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On 16 January 2015 late in the evening the website of the Ministry of Justice published a statement that the NGO Committee Against Torture had been added to the register of non-profit organizations designated as ‘foreign agents’.
Tanya Lokshina is the Russia program director at Human Rights Watch and Honorary Participant of International Youth Human Rights Movement: As the crisis in Ukraine escalated this spring, the Kremlin’s vicious crackdown on civil society also escalated. Space for independent civic activity in Russia is shrinking dramatically, but international policymakers and the media have been understandably too distracted to do much about it. Since early spring, it seems as though every week brings a new pernicious law or legislative proposal.
Earlier this year, the correspondent of Youth Human Rights Movement from Germany Jakob Stürmann interviewed Konstantin Baranov, member of the Coordination Council of the International Youth Human Rights Movement. They discussed so called “law against homosexual propaganda” and the overall situation of LGBT in Russia.  

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Oleg Sentsov, Olexander Kolchenko, Hennadiy Afanasiev and Oleksiy Chyrniy have been held in Russian jails for two years already under fabricated charges of ‘terrorism’. We consider it being necessary to express solidarity with those who are persecuted due to their pro-Ukrainian views, civic stand and desire for freedom in Russia-annexed Crimea.
Helsinki Committee of Armenia has published “Human Rights in Armenia 2014” Annual Report. The report reflects on the Right to Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Peaceful Assembly and Association, Torture, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment, Political Persecutions, Freedom of Conscience and Religion, The Rights of the Child, Protection of Labor Rights.
«We have a few questions for you,» a border guard told Sinaver Kadyrov, a Crimean Tatar activist, at the Armyansk checkpoint in northern Crimea on Jan. 23. Kadyrov was on his way to Kherson, in southern Ukraine, to fly to Turkey for medical treatment. It was the beginning of an ordeal that ended with a local court expelling him from Crimea, his home of almost 25 years.

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority It is time to sit back and reflect.

Mark Twain


Youth Human Rights Movement

New report: Fundamental freedoms under serious threat in Central Asia twenty years after Soviet collapse

Brussels, The Hague, Vienna, Almaty, Tashkent 7 March 2012. A new 36-page report published today by a coalition of five human rights groups from Europe and Central Asia highlights serious threats to fundamental freedoms in the former Soviet republics of Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Twenty years after the end of the Soviet Union, these countries continue to be ruled by authoritarian leaders, who have monopolized power, marginalized and silenced the political opposition and curtailed the rights of citizens to express their views, ideas and convictions.

Be Loud Against Fascism! International Day Against Fascism and Antisemitism - 9 November 2011

On 9 November, more than 130 organisations in 49 European countries organise over 250 activities in the frame of the "International Day Against Fascism and Antisemitism".

Racism must not be tolerated nor ignored - Lets confront it UNITED!

In 2010 numerous organisations in 47 European Countries joined the annual European-wide Action Week Against Racism. Thousands of people all over Europe were united in their fight for a Europe without discrimination, intolerance, racism and nationalism - promoting diversity, mutual respect and understanding.
This year again UNITED calls for international participation during the European-wide Action Week Against Racism (14-27 March 2011)!

Become active in this years' campaign
Don't worry, good activities don't have to be expensive. Much more important than money are creativity and engagement. You do not necessarily have to organise a big demonstration or event, awareness about the emerging issues of racism and discrimination is already created when you spread/hang the UNITED campaign material in universities, schools, your working place or in the streets.
To get some inspiration have a look at the 2010 List of Activities

Open Appeal of the International Socio-Ecological Union "On protecting the life of Farid Tukhbatullin, human rights activist and citizen of Russia from the Turkmen security forces

The International Socio-Ecological Union expresses its grave concern about the recent threats made against one of our members, Farid Tukhbatullin. At the beginning of October, the well-known Turkmen human rights activist received several confirmed signals that the security police of Turkmenistan were planning to quietly do away with him. This coincided with the statement from Turkmenistan's President Berdymukhammedov that the security police should strengthen its battle with “slanderers, who are outside the country’s borders,” which was published on September 30, 2010.

Declaration of the 14th ILGA-Europe conference with regard to attack on LGBT activists in Russia

On October 30, in Tomsk three activists of the local branch of the Russian LGBT Network were attacked while disctributing leaflets to people in the streets with the call or tolerance toward lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. They were attacked by a group of nine people in the masks. In the results of harsh beating all three activists were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. We draw a particular attention to the fact that the attack took place very close to the police station, but the police officers did not interfere.

This attack is is an ugly act of violence against human rights defenders that cannot be excused. We express our solidarity with the LGBT activists in Tomsk and also with everyone who is under the risk standing for the society free from prejudices and and injustice in Russia.

Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly: «musketeers - 20 years after»

The 20 years Anniversary Meeting on 20 years of Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly (HCA) was held from October 1 to 3 in Istanbul (Turkey). The event called together 80 participants from more than 15 countries.

This meeting was the first HCA conference since the conference in 2000 in Baku, when the representatives of the Youth Human Rights Movement learned about the Assembly for the first time and cooperate closely with this organization till present days.

The Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly is the unique international network founded by dissidents and intellectuals from East and West Europe, these people wished to break dividing lines and to avoid the menace of war.

The network creation history is connected with Pan-European movement “for the Europe free from nuclear weapons – from Poland to Portugal” that was founded in 1980 on the base of public appeal against nuclear weapons of few British activists and intellectuals – European Nuclear Disarmament (END) appeal.

Sokolov Must Be Guaranteed Fair Appeal (by Heidi Hautala)

I have learned with deep concern the disturbing news of the sentencing of the human rights activist Alexey Sokolov on 13 May 2010 to five years’ imprisonment sentence in high security prison colony on the alleged crime of theft and robbery.
There are serious concerns over the conduct of his trial. According to the information I have received, the Bogdanovich town court in the Sverdlovsk region of Russia gave decisive weight to potentially unsound evidence while failing to sufficiently take into account testimonies in support of Alexey Sokolov. Moreover, concern remains over the violations of the criminal procedure at the pre-trial stage, which I promptly raised with the Russian authorities at that time.
I am informed that Alexey Sokolov intends to appeal against the verdict. The Russian authorities must ensure that at this time he is guaranteed a fair trial according to international standards.

Jock Palfreeman: Call for Justice

Jock Palfreeman is a 23 year old Australian citizen who, before his arrest in Bulgaria, was a trainee soldier in the British Army.

Jock was arrested following an incident in which he had attempted to defend two Roma people who were being attacked by a group of men in an alleged racist attack, late at night near a metro station in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia, shortly before Christmas 2007.
As a result of the incident in which one of the attackers was stabbed to death, Jock has been tried and convicted for murder. For this, he has been given a twenty years prison sentence but has leave to appeal.
The full details of the case remain unclear because the entire procedure of the trial has lacked transparency and the denial of witness testimony has been to such an extent that not only Bulgarian law but also natural law appear to have been violated.